Getting There

Reaching Dhola Sadiya

Sadiya dhola bridge has gained too much limelight because it is the longest bridge in the country or India’s longest bridge having the length of 9.5 km. Built over the renowned Brahmaputra, this bridge is connecting two states of our very own nation, respectively Dhola, Assam and Sadiya, Arunachal Pradesh. If you want to move from one state to another, then this bridge will lead you to reach your destination four hours earlier than expected time. You can travel across the states with your own vehicle or through road, public transport, air transport, etc. This bridge is set to be functional in 2017.

Air Tavel

The nearest airport Dibrugarh, the capital of Assam will become easily accessible, and all thanks goes to the bridge.

  • You can travel across the two states using air transport mode.
  • Capture the beauty of these states by flying there.

Train Travel

People of Arunachal Pradesh can reach the nearest Railway Station Tinsukia easily and credit goes to the bridge.

  • Travel across these two states to get the glimpse of nature being nurtured.
  • Observe the customs and traditions of people residing on the bank of mighty Brahmaputra.

Bus Travel

It will bolster the road connectivity in the Northeast as the bridge will be used by people of Assam and Arunachal Pradesh besides.

  • Bus travel is economical.
  • These buses will take you wherever you want to be.

Road Travel

Your Travel Plan Starts at Tinsukia, Assam, India. It Ends at Dhola Sadiya Bridge, Purana Sadiya, Assam 786155, India.

  • Enjoy the slow ride and capture the memories while traveling in these states.
  • Witness the best of India’s cultures by traveling across Dhola Sadiya.

Bridge Features at a Glance

Here are the following highlights of this bridge:-

  • India is getting developed at more fast pace than ever and the construction of the India’s longest bridge, connecting Assam and Arunachal Pradesh, is the proof of that.
  • Being constructed over the river Brahmaputra, this bridge has the length of 9.56 kms and it reduces the gap between these two states mentioned above, considerably.
  • It was expected to be operational a lot earlier but due to delays in construction, Dhola Sadiya – India’s longest bridge is inaugurated in 2017.
  • This bridge is being constructed in the partnership of Ministry of Road Transport and Highways with, Navayuga Engineering Company Ltd.
  • This bridge is a relief for those who have to travel between these two places, frequently.
  • This bridge is a connectivity that opens your gate for exploring this part of the country, even more easily.
  • This bridge owns a width of 12.9 meters, now you can only imagine how gigantic Dhola sadiya is going to be.
  • The number of spans in the India’s largest bridge are 183.